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June 3, 2020

The benefits of eating Korean foods

Do you know the benefits of eating Korean food? A full course traditional Korean meal consists of all types of flavors – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, […]
September 18, 2020

MyeongDong Topokki is an honor to obtain the MeSTI certificate by the MoH

What a great news which we wanted to mention! MyeongDong Topokki is officially achieve the MeSTI certificate by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoH). In another […]
September 8, 2020

MyeongDong Topokki – A fast and casual concept Korean restaurant

MyeongDong Topokki, running as a fast and casual Korean restaurant concept that is a mash-up of fast food and casual dining. We offer the ease and […]
September 1, 2020

Stop and look, top 3 reasons why you should get the reusable mask

Do you know that there are several benefits of a reusable mask? The most main benefit of is reusable mask will protect our environment because as […]