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March 31, 2020
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Do you know? Kimchi has various benefits that’s good for your health

Since the hype of Korean culture, Korean cuisine is on many’s minds all the time around the world. Many are opt to Korean cuisines as for its well-known for being spicy, flavorful and delicious.

Most of the people are familiar with this authentic Korean food – Kimchi. Indeed, this low-fat and high-fiber meal is so famous it’s widely available in Asian grocery store and Korean restaurants. But do you know what exactly Kimchi is? Kimchi is a red, fermented cabbage dish made with a mix of salt, vinegar, garlic and other spices. The numerous health benefits for Kimchi are also one of the main considerations for many.

1.Kimchi contains health bacteria and probiotics that is good for body health
Kimchi is fermented and it contains “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli that aids in the digestion process of your body.

2.Lower cholesterol levels
The ingredients in Kimchi contains allicin and selenium which are helpful in decreasing the cholesterol reserves of the body. These substances also indirectly help to prevent the chances of developing stroke or other cardiovascular diseases of any kind, due to its prevention of plaque build-up in the walls of your arteries.

3. Prevents stomach cancer
Kimchi contain bio-chemicals such as isocyanate and sulfide helpful in detoxifying heavy metals found in your liver, small intestine and kidney. These bio-chemicals, particularly isocyanate, are studied to be able to prevent stomach cancer as well.

4.Facilitates healthy body development and clear vision
Kimchi contains Vitamin A that being an antioxidant which can help to get rid of radicals in your body that cause cancer. This same vitamin A is significant in developing a healthy body, including in embryos; it’s also helpful in the maintenance of clear and healthy eyesight.

5.Slows down the aging process and make you even healthier and better outlook
Ever wonder why Koreans look young and glowing? This is just one of the many benefits of Kimchi you may consider. Kimchi is rich in anti-oxidants which decrease the rate of aging and produces radiant skin and shiny hair. In the meanwhile, selenium is a relevant part of glutathione, a booster that reconstitutes vitamin C and preserves it, thereby making it stronger and more effective in the body.

Did you know?
– Kimchi was ranked as one of the Top 10 healthy food by the World Health Organization.

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