Pedasss Challenge
March 20, 2018
MyeongDong Topokki Expands to Indonesia
February 20, 2020

Pedasss Chick-Yun Challenge

Pedasss Chick-Yun Challenge is a yearly event by MyeongDong Topokkiand falls on every year’s August. Rising food trend in Korean andin spicy foodrecent years have affectedthe preference in youngster’s food choice. Undoubtedly, Malaysian love spicy food and thatis the reason behindwhy MyeongDong Topokki create they hype withthe Pedasss Chick-Yun Challenge.

Spicy Korean noodles added with secret recipe from MyeongDong Topokki made the bowl of ramyun not only spicy but delicious too. The Pedasss Chick-Yun (Spicy Ramyun) successfully sold 5K bowls in just 2 months’ timeduring their promotion.

Participants are required to do a video record of themselves challenging the Pedasss Chick-Yun and finished it with the shortest time. The top 20 records are chosen to the final battle and compete for the final prize.

2019 is the first yearMyeongDong Topokki launchtheir Pedasss Chick-Yun Challenge and surprisingly the response from the marketwas amazing. Thefinal battleevent was overwhelmed with more than 300 participants and 3 winners werequalified to the final round tofight for the RM3,500 cash prize.

The best record for 2019 Pedasss Chick-Yun event participantcame all the way from Kuantan, just to fight for the glory of Pedasss Chick-Yunchallenge. The final battle was competitive and anticipating yet Muhammad Aidythe champion of 2019, successfullyfinished the bowl of ramyun