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March 2, 2020
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Oppa Entrepreneur: Successful transformation from Kiosk into the largest Korean street food chain

CEO of MyeongDong Topokki was featured in ViralCham to share about his venture into the Korean street food business. From just a small kiosk in Sunway Pyramid, MyeongDong Topokki has grown massively, spanning 40 outlets (23 operational, 17 in construction/renovation) nationwide in 6 years. Taking the great efforts to ensure the quality sustain, we even have a food processing centre capable of preparing products and ingredients for 100 outlets.


As millennials make up the bulk of our customers, Vincent always keep in mind of the mindset of the young people and designed the outlets to be insta-worthy with bright neon lights, lively décor and an open concept kitchen.


Originally a banker, he always had a thirst for business. Even before his banking days, he invested in small scale businesses that boosted his selling skills, which is a vital skill for entrepreneurs.


In 2011, he decided to leave his job as a banker and dive into the property industry as a full-timer.


However, he soon realised that the property market has reached its peak and the prices started to become stagnant, with little business.


But in 2014, one of his friends recommended him to start up a fitness business in one of his unused properties. Heeding the advice, he started the business and fast-forward to today, it has become one of the largest fitness chains in Sarawak.


It wasn’t always roses though. There was an instance during his banking years where he ventured into a business of selling USB drives. He bought them in bulk from an online seller but was scammed. He thought he was buying 32GB drives, but instead, he got 4GB drives.


“Entrepreneurship is not what it always looks like on the outside. Many wouldn’t know about the sleepless nights and endless stress. You have to be well-prepared to handle the ups and downs of the business. You also have to be persistent, as success doesn’t come instantly. Because of that, many people give up. But, it will always be a fun and exciting journey.”– Vincent Lua, CEO of MyeongDong Topokki


Ever interested to venture into entrepreneurship, connect to us to find out more! We offer franchise program to share along this sumptuous and wonderful world of Korean food street chain!