Satisfying One’s Korean Street Food Cravings with MDT🤤

17 Oct 2020

2020 is no doubt a tough year for many as the pandemic takes over the world. We honestly just miss travelling and can’t wait till it’s safe for us to go on our next trip to Oppa-land – there’s just so much to see and do there! Besides sight-seeing, the food in Korea, especially Korean street food is probably one of the main highlights for one when Korea. It’s not only cheap and delicious, but it also gives one an introduction to the culinary culture of Korea. 

Fear not on missing the delicious food as MyeongDong Topokki (MDT) is able to help satisfy your Korean street food cravings! Our store has many choices to offer as we specialize in serving only the best street food in town!

What street food does MDT have?

#1 Topokki
Why of course, topokki! From the name of the establishment, how can they not have that? This is one of the most popular dishes when one mentions Korean street food. MDT offers a few types of these including some cheesy options too! Every serving comes with a combination of rice cakes with fish cakes and boiled eggs.

#2 Chi-kin (Korean Fried Chicken)
This is probably everyone’s favourite as who doesn’t like Korean fried chicken? In Korea, it’s usually spicy as Koreans are very fond of spicy and deep-fried food. However, MDT is famous with the spicy Yangnyeom Chi-ken and offers a less spicy one for those who can’t handle the heat aka our famous Ganjang Chi-ken~

#3 Kimbap
This street food is made with cooked rice and ingredients rolled between dried laver seaweed. If you never tried this, you’re really missing out — our MDT outlets are able to help you satisfy your kimbap cravings! However, our express ones (aka the ones at AEON Maluri and Setapak at the moment) have 4 types inclusive of Crab Stick, Cheese, Kimchi & The Original!

#4 Odeng
One can never say they truly had a Korean street food experience if one hasn’t had this! Odeng (which is Korean fish cake) is always served with a tasty broth. In MDT, we have it in Myeolchi and Kimchi flavours. This is currently only available in our express outlets!

And there are many many more delicious Korean street food you can choose from in MyeongDong Topokki! Head to the nearest store now by locating one through our website at