5 Facts About Myeong-dong We Bet You Don’t Know!

20 Nov 2020

With 2020 being the worst year for leisure travel, we are reminiscing the window-seat photos we take for granted whenever we travel. We miss travelling so much and honestly can’t wait till it’s safe for us to take a trip to South Korea again.

Did you know? The capital of South Korea, Seoul is actually the third-largest city in the world with 25 million people living in it! One is bound to have a great time in Seoul as there are lots of restaurants, shops and street food around the city.

In today’s post, we will be sharing some facts about an area of Seoul which everyone would pop by for a shopping spree when they’re in Seoul — Myeong-dong (명동)! 

Fact #1 – Myeongdong isn’t the Original Name
Myeongdong was not the original name for the area. It was originally called Myeongryebang (명례방) and was changed to Myeongdong in 1946.

Fact #2 – A range of Shops
In the streets of Myeongdong, one is able to find small market brands up to high and international brands. The Sinsegae Department Store, a luxurious store which is great for window shopping as well is always packed with people buying souvenirs here as tourists can enjoy duty-free options when they shop here.

Fact #3 – Say “Kimchi” With LINE Friends
This is a not-to-be missed spot in Myeongdong as the giant teddy bear with little Sally duck will definitely capture your attention! Fans of LINE friends would know how fulfilling this is with a range of more cartoon-type animals in the store itself. Best of all? Taking a picture with this giant teddy bear is FREE!

Fact #4 – The NANTA theatre is in Myeongdong
Worry about the show being in Korean language when you don’t speak the language? Fret not as these shows are non-verbal and made to let people have a good time here with the comedy performance. P.S. It is also family-friendly!

Fact #5 – The Night Market is a must visit
The night market has everything — from food items to clothing and accessories. The street food here opens from 4pm onwards and all the street food sold here is super delicious and would leave you contemplating on the “what to eat?” question! The street stalls here sell a range of menus from the famous tteokbokki to tornado potato to fried chicken skewer and Hotteok! 

Which would you do first when you’re in Myeongdong? Let us know!

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