Cheezy Craze returns to MyeongDong Topokki

29 Jan 2021

여러분 안녕하세요! We know you guys have been missing our fusion dishes and you might be wondering “what else can MyeongDong Topokki combine?”
MyeongDong Topokki has released another limited-edition menu for the fusion dish series, Yangnyeom Mac & Cheese. The Westerns’ go-to breakfast menu, macaroni and cheese, topped with our fire-burning Spicy Korean Fried Chi-ken, bringing the most mouthwatering savory menu you could ever imagine! 
The Yangnyeom Mac & Cheese comes in a set with a cuppa green tea that you would ask for more when the spiciness kicks in from the fried chi-ken. What’s better is that you can add on some yummy Korean Street Food to the meal or even upgrade to your favourite drink from our range of MDT Kape series.
Grab yourself a set of Yangnyeom Mac & Cheese on our website or MDT mobile app. You can also order ‘em via GrabFood and Foodpanda. 맛있게 드세요! 
We really admire food photography so feel free to upload your meals and tag us on social media! 😊