MDT Beogeo – The Big and Delicious Korean Fried Chi-ken Burger

25 Aug 2020

We are so happy to launch our NEW MyeongDong Topokki Beogeo! Our NEW MyeongDong Topokki Beogeo comes in three signature flavours – Yangnyeom Chi-ken Beogeo, Ganjang Chi-ken Beogeo, and Hangul Chi-ken Beogeo. The speciality of this MDT Beogeo is the chi-ken and our in-house kimchi. The crispy fried chi-ken is coated with our secret recipe and is topped up with our savoury MyeongDong Topokki Kimchi, which is what makes this MDT Beogeo so fulfilling. The addition of the crunchy texture and the spicy, sourish taste is what makes the Beogeo delicious!

We not only have the juicy Chi-ken to make our MDT Beogeo appetizing, but we also have a variety of vegetables and toppings to make our Beogeo refreshing and healthy. The cabbage of the Kimchi, the iceberg lettuce, and the cheese slices provides a balanced diet in a meal. All of this can be found in our MDT Beogeo. We would say it is a perfect combination for a balanced meal!

If you are a spicy lover and a fan of our Yangnyeom Chi-ken, we would strongly suggest to you our Yangnyeom Chi-ken Beogeo. The main ingredient of Yangnyeom chicken is Gochujang (Korean red chilli pepper paste) that will stimulate your taste buds.

Do not frown if you are not a spicy lover, as we have our Soy Garlic, which is our Ganjang Chi-ken Beogeo; and our original fried chi-ken that is fully coated in our Hangul Powder, Hangul Chi-ken Beogeo. The sweet and crunchiness of the original chi-ken flavour will most definitely boost up one’s happiness!

Speaking of that, we are having a contest called #1minBeogeoChallenge! Just as the name, you will need to finish our MDT Beogeo within a minute! Do you think you are up for this challenge to stand a chance and win the grand prize of RM2,000 cash? Visit this link for more terms and conditions!