MyeongDong Topokki’s First-ever Vegetarian Dish

27 Feb 2021

안녕하세요! MyeongDong Topokki is always driven to whip out something new from our kitchen. And we are extremely proud to introduce our first-ever Vegetarian dish, the Vegan Yangnyeom
The intriguing part about this vegetarian dish is that it looks like chicken wings, tastes like chicken wings, but the real question is: is the meat made from Chicken?
The Vegan Yangnyeom is 100% gluten free, lathered with our signature fire-burning Korean hot sauce which gives an extra spicy kick to your tastebuds, topped with a basket filled with crunchy potato fries. 
In case you are craving for more K-Food, you can add on your desired Korean dish from our MyeongDong Topokki menu as well as drinks from MDT Kape.
Hurry up and try the Vegan Yangnyeom set as it is available for a VERY limited time and servings only! Go grab a bite if you happen to pass by our outlets and express. You can also order them via our mobile app, GrabFood and Foodpanda! 
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